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Term  “bruxism” is used to describe so-called parafunctional activity taking place during the day and at night – in other words it is an activity which should not take place in case of  a healthy person.

About us

Philosophy applied by Lighthouse Dental

A holistic approach towards our patients. We perceive the teeth and dental articulation as a significant element of the entire chewing organ, the movement organ and, consequently, the connection with nervous, muscular, hormonal, bone, blood system … in a nutshell, we analyze the teeth from the perspective of a network combining other organs and systems.

A human being consists of the body and mind, psyche and soma. The aforementioned elements cannot be separated, just as one cannot completely ignore the function of various organs in reference to remaining body parts. Health depends on the general condition of our body, it depends on our approach to life and the world.

What makes us different?


we bear in mind its effect on the entire organism and take into account the effects of abnormal postural defects on dental articulation

Testing using

diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorders and well as disorders connected to masticatory muscles and dental articulation

Digital Smile

we are able to visualize the effect of treatment before we introduce irreversible changes

Cooperation with

we cooperate with therapists and psychologists as regards reducing stress and increasing self-awareness of your body