Prosthodontics Szczecin

The reconstruction of the missing teeth constitutes the fundaments for the proper functioning of the entire masticatory system. Even a single missing tooth should be replaced. Missing teeth can be replaced in several manners. The most physiological option is replacing individual teeth using implants – to be more precise, the first stage involves implantation into the bone. The next stage involves attaching the crown.

Prosthetic bridges are structures used for reconstruction of missing teeth which are supported by the teeth surrounding the gap – this solution is suitable if the surrounding teeth require prosthetic crowns and when the gap between existing teeth is not too extensive.

In the case of extensive deficiencies, the teeth are supplemented using removable dentures (in other words those which can be removed from the mouth). The dentist determines the type of dentures and the method of their fixation in each individual case.

In case of teeth which are significantly weakened, with many fillings, they require strengthening in the form of a crown – the most aesthetic solution is so-called full ceramic crown without a metal alloy.

Teeth after endodontic (root canal) treatment require strengthening in the form of crown-root inserts – in other words, a type of anchoring fixed in the treated root canal to rebuild the supragingival part of the tooth.

After endodontic treatment a prosthetic crown should be applied. A dead tooth can be compared to a dry flower – it breaks much faster than healthy teeth.

Correct reconstruction of tangent points is significant as well – when tooth decay covers the contact surfaces with the teeth, onlay prosthetic is the best method for the correct reconstruction of tooth tangs. This prosthetic is made in the laboratory and cemented in the oral cavity.

In order to present to the patient with the best treatment plan for him or her, it is necessary to conduct diagnostic tests.

Composite inlays/onlays
1000 pln
Telescopic denture resting on 4 implants
16 000 - 18 000pln
Inlay / onlay ceramic
1500 pln
Inlay/onlay E-max
1800 - 2000 pln
Removal of the prosthetic crown
120 pln
Complete prosthesis
1700 - 2000 pln
Frame denture on precision elements
3000 - 3500 pln
Frame denture prosthesis
1500 - 2000 pln
Temporary settling denture
600 - 900 pln
Temporary protective crown
120 pln
Two glass root-crown two roots
500 pln
Glass root crown insert one root
300 pln
Preparation of a tooth for a crown-root insert
50 pln
All-ceramic veneer
1900 - 3000 pln
Crown on implant
1500 - 2000 pln
Implant connector
1400 - 1600 pln
Metal telescopic crown
1800 pln
Full ceramic crown E.max
2000 - 2500 pln
Full ceramic crown cerkon
1500 - 1800 pln
Crown on metal lined with ceramics
1000 pln