The word surgeon originated from the Greek language and it means handicraft. In dentistry it involves  tooth removal procedures, removal of changes appearing around the roots of the teeth, so-called cysts, resection or removal of root tips, elimination of soft tissue changes, what is more, correction of the gum shape, treatments involving  covering exposed necks and roots of teeth with gums…

Implantology treatments belong to this group as well. Due to the implantation of the titanium screw within the jawbone, we are able to rebuild a single tooth crown without honing adjacent healthy teeth. It is possible to restore several teeth located next to or away from each other and we can ensure comprehensive rehabilitation connected with restoration of all teeth on implants inoculated in the jaw bone.

Due to implants it is also possible to significantly improve retention, in other words, maintaining the total dentures onto the surface. Two implants located within the mandibular bone means deliverance for many patients using full dentures.

In our dentist’s office we have the opportunity to support the process of regeneration and tissue healing after each procedure as we benefit from the latest discoveries of medicine. The medical centrifuge allows us to obtain preparations based on patient’s own blood which are rich in cells and proteins supporting healing. A-PRF and I-PRF techniques come in handy in these situations.

Dental surgery
Metal crown veneered with composite
750 pln
Full body CT scan
300 PLN
One-section CT scan
150 pln
Abscess incision
150 pln
Tongue frenulum correction using laser
350 pln
Lip frenulum correction using laser
350 pln
Surgical cover of gum recession with graft 1 tooth
900 pln
Elongation of the clinical crown – laser 1 tooth
500 pln
Gingivektomy – laser correction of the gingival edge 1 tooth
300 pln
Chiselling of the eighth teeth, so-called wisdom teeth
500 - 700 pln
Resection of the root tip with A-PRF healing support
1000 - 1200 pln
Closing the oral-sinus connection
600 pln
Removal of one tooth with A-PRF healing support
400 - 600 pln
Complicated removal of the permanent tooth
300 - 400 pln
Simple removal of the permanent tooth
200 pln
Removal of the milk tooth
150 pln
Crown on the implant
1500 - 2000 pln
Implant connector
1400 - 1600 pln
The emergence of the implant healing screw
200 pln
Bone reconstruction
1500 - 3000 pln