Paradontosis – periodontal disease

Paradontosis – periodontal disease

Initially this condition manifests itself with redness and swelling of the gums. One can easily notice that the gum around the neck of the tooth become much redder than the rest of this area. Another symptom involves bleeding of gums – it is enough to touch them with a toothbrush and they bleed – this is a sign of inflammation! On the other hand if for some reason we avoid cleaning our teeth in this area- we omit this place – then naturally we will not be aware that something bad is happening. This is why regular dental inspections and periodic professional teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office – scaling, polishing, sandblasting and tooth polishing are so significant.

In some cases the manner gums react is influenced by medications the patient takes – for example, hormones, heart related drugs or condition of the patient – foe example, pregnancy, general diseases such as diabetes as well as genetic factors – if we are aware that our mother or father suffer from periodontal disease, we should control our teeth more often.

Untreated initial inflammation results in inflammation going deeper – into the area between the bone and tooth. At this stage the subgingival plaque can appear – it is difficult to notice. The evidence of its presence involves deepened pocket around the tooth and irritated, reddish, bleeding gums. One cannot treat this condition using home methods – it is necessary to undergo so-called curettage or cleaning the roots of the teeth located under the gum.

If this condition is neglected, the teeth become loose. It may result in their loss.

The subgingival cleaning method is a closed method. The manner of performing it is similar to scaling – we use an ultrasonic device called scaler. Additionally, the pockets are disinfected using chlorhexidine based preparations. The laser disinfects and stimulates the immune system.

Laser disinfection of the gingival pockets

This method is painless. Not only does it involve disinfection, but also closes blood vessels and stimulates our immune system to fight against bacteria and toxins.

One should bear in mind that inflammation in the oral cavity involves the accumulation of bacteria which spread into other organs via the bloodstream. It can reach the joints, kidneys and heart – it can increase the diseases associated with these organs as well as, for example, lead to changes in blood sugar levels in case of diabetic patients.

Healthy periodontium means a healthy body!

One tooth curettage closed
100 pln
Laser pocket disinfection 1 area / laser treatment periodontitis
200 pln
Closed curettage
600 - 900 pln
Closed curettage with laser disinfection
900 - 1300 pln
Tooth sandblasting + scaling and polishing + fluoridation of teeth
300 pln
Instruction of oral hygiene