To achieve success one needs proper dental diagnosis and planning the treatment. What would building a road, home or constructing a new car without having a plan look like? And how can we create a plan if we do not know what the current situation is?

The oral cavity constitutes a set of complex elements:

  • teeth
  • muscles
  • joints
  • periodontal
  • gums
  • nervous system,

They can function properly and fulfil their role only when they function together.

Before we launch the treatment, we require a plan of action. In  order to establish such a plan we have to be aware of current situation in the entire masticatory organ.

This is possible thanks to preliminary examination on the appearance and mobility of the teeth, the state of the gums, the depth of the gum pockets, the condition of the masticatory system muscles and temporomandibular joints (in this case manual examination of temporomandibular joints and testing using T-scan device) as well as the patient’s mood as the owner of teeth and administrator of all these structures – regardless of whether he or she manages it consciously or not.

Dental diagnosis
One-section CT scan
150 pln
Full CT scan
300 PLN
Diagnostic models
100 pln
Dental panoramic radiograph
100 pln
X-ray spot image (X-ray)
40 pln
Specialist consultation
100 pln
Testing using T-scan as regards the dispersion of chewing force with description
300 pln
Testing using T-scan and correction of dental articulation
400 - 600 pln
Visualisation of treatment plan DSD (Digital Smile Design) wax-up, mock-up
1500 - 2500 pln
Dental examination
100 pln

Today X-rays serve as fundamental elements of dental diagnosis – without this information cannot be sure what is happening inside the tooth, what is happening in the bone ….

Articulator measurements, articulation of models – it refers to the possibility of transferring the position of jaws and teeth in relation to temporomandibular joints outside the patient’s oral cavity.

Based on in-depth data analysis we are able to create and present the effect of treatment – wax up, mock-up, visualization using DSD program.

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