Pediatric dentistry

Preventive treatment aims at preserving the tooth structure by eliminating carious bacteria and reconstruction of damaged tissues. In most cases we use light-cured materials or so-called  glasionomers for the purpose of restoration. These materials are easier to adhere to tooth tissues in a slightly moist environment. Consequently, they are used more often, for example, in case of children – as in case of the younger patients the maintenance of dryness during treatment is sometimes difficult.

Regular dentist appointments constitute grounds for the preservation of as many healthy tissues as possible as they help to detect dental caries at an early stage – when the loss of tooth tissues is still insignificant. Unfortunately – for many people – this condition is asymptomatic – there is no pain. Ongoing dental caries does not create a literal “hole” at the beginning.

The first signs of tooth decay can involve sensitivity of the tooth “for sweet products”. One should not underestimate even a slight ache and ask his or her dentist for advice. When the tooth decay reaches the pulp of the tooth – which is the deepest layer where nerves and blood vessels are located – usually the pain increases significantly – however this stage most often means the need of mortifying the tooth – it involves so called root treatment.

A particularly significant aspect of preventive treatment involves the treatment of milk teeth! In so-called “milkies” damage and infection of the tooth pulp (the deepest layer of the tooth where nerves and blood vessels are located) takes place much with greater speed. We hope that the myth stating that milk teeth do not require any treatment has been refuted a long time ago…

Negligence as regards the removal of caries in case of milk teeth can cause irreversible damage as regards the enamel of permanent teeth. Moreover, their premature removal leads to malocclusion.

Loving your child does not mean letting child do anything it wants, love means looking after and discipline.

As regards this aspect of dentistry, it means limiting sweets, controlling the frequency and quality of teeth brushing, conducting regular check-ups – it does not hurt!