Root canal treatment conducted using a microscope (endodontic treatment)

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is a procedure performed when in case of irreversible inflammatory changes in the tooth – more precisely concerning its deepest layer (pulp chamber).  Vessels and nerves are located in this area (so-called pulp of the tooth) and if bacteria get in here, the chamber and channels running in the roots have to be cleaned and filled with medications or material created especially for this purpose. Such a procedure prevents inflammation from covering the surrounding tissues, namely the periodontal and the bone the tooth is embedded in.

Such a treatment requires both time and doctor’s skills as well as specialist equipment, for example in reference to measuring the length of canals in the root. We conduct such procedures in our dentist’s offices by magnifying the object – in other words under the microscope – this increases the precision of the procedure.

It is also necessary to take x-ray images during and after the treatment – as a result  we can be sure that the treatment was executed in a proper manner.

In most cases this procedure is conducted if the tooth has been aching for some time already, so it is crucial to check the teeth regularly before they start to hurt in order to prevent the need of undergoing root canal treatment. Tooth after root canal treatment is referred to as a dead tooth. It resembles a dry flower, it is more fragile and usually requires strengthening in the form of a file located in the canal as well as covering the tooth with a prosthetic crown.