In our dentist’s office whitening is realized using laser light. Why is this a better option than whitening using LED lamps? Laser light – as it possesses an ordered beam, penetrates deeper and at the same time is able to lighten discolorations visible not only on superficial enamel layers.

Laser whitening procedure takes about 30-45min and it provides a much more visible whitening results and these results last longer – up to 2 years. Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that dietary habits, smoking and following the dentist’s recommendations after whitening influence the period of enjoying brighter smile.

Contraindications as regards tooth whitening treatment:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • allergy to the ingredients of the whitening substance,
  • strong hypersensitivity of the teeth,
  • significantly damaged tooth enamel,
  • taking photosensitising agents: St. John’s wort, undergoing PUV-A therapy, photochemotherapy,
  • persons younger than 16 years old,
  • plaque, sediments, carious cavities.

Whitening involves restoring natural colour of the teeth – namely, removing any discoloration visible on the teeth.

Too frequent whitening, the use of several methods at the same time, whitening conducted by people who have not been trained in this field can result in damage of the enamel.

The patient should prepare for whitening procedure  – clean the plaque and sediment from teeth and secure the carious cavities.

Each whitening procedure can lead to increased sensitivity of the teeth – especially if the teeth have been hypersensitive to temperature even before the treatment. It is worth establishing the cause of this condition (acid or simple sugar-rich diet, teeth clenching, overloading the teeth) and work on mitigating these ailments before applying yet another chemical agent onto the teeth.

Properly conducted whitening procedure does not damage the tooth structure.

To maintain a permanent whitening effect – the process should be repeated, however no more frequently than once every 6 months.

Teeth whitening
Prevdent whitening
1800 pln
Laser teeth whitening + whitening overlays + whitening substance
1300 pln
Laser teeth whitening in the dentist’s office
1000 pln