Orthodontia Szczecin

For many people  orthodontic treatment means pretty teeth – nice looking ones. From our perspective looking good  means that teeth function properly as well. Teeth that are correctly positioned in the arch are easier to clean, less plaque is deposited on the surface – and as a result they stay healthy for a longer period of time!

The same applies to their wear and tear – if they are ranked in correct position – during the daily chewing function, swallowing the wear is less significant – they simply wear off more slowly.

It’s not true that children can undergo orthodontic treatment only when they have permanent teeth! Early treatment is crucial and what is even more important – it enables the elimination of abnormal habits. Incorrect swallowing, breathing, lip and cheek biting, sucking the thumb, etc.

Wearing a functional –movable device – which can be taken out from the mouth as well as so-called trainers significantly shortens the time of possible subsequent treatment with fixed devices and in some cases it actually eliminates such a necessity completely.

If one requires braces then  instead of locks and wires we use an innovative method of treatment using transparent Invisalign aligners (http://www.invisalign.pl/) . This modern method is more comfortable, more predictable and more aesthetic.

Aligners are removed while the patient is eating as well as when he or she performs daily oral hygiene activities –  maybe you have a job that does not allow you to wear a device stuck to your teeth all the time? – if yes, this method is for you.