Why do we combine dentistry with aesthetic medicine?

A dentist dealing with surgical procedures, orthodontics or implantology possesses impressive knowledge as regards the construction of the face and surrounding areas of the body.

Such a professional observes the behaviour of tissues in its area on daily basis. He or she is a practitioner who regularly performs the aforementioned procedures, many times anesthetizing  the patients. Moreover, manual skills are required in this profession. When one adds knowledge and a sense of beauty to that mix, one gets the perfect predisposition as regards performing aesthetic medicine treatments.

Based on the aforementioned harmonious combination, the patient receives a holistic service in the form of Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin  (IPRF), fillers with hyaluronic acid, botox, collagen, lifting threads or non-surgical eyelid lift using plasma IQ.

We do not focus on one element of the face exclusively. Quite the contrary, we combine interdisciplinary dentistry with aesthetic medicine to achieve attractive and harmonious facial features.

An intelligent solution for non-invasive eyelid lift

The skin around the eyes changes as the years pass by. The skin is deprived of its natural elasticity and pliability. Although it was once beautiful after some time natural eyes become smaller with age, the skin in this area gets darker and more wrinkles appear. The bruises under the eyes, the drooping eyelids constitute obvious evidence of sleepless nights or overwork and also signal the first noticeable evidence of skin aging. Our eyes no longer arouse such delight as they used to. And although we cannot stop the time, we have a smart solution to restore the attractiveness of our eyes, youthful appearance and self-confidence.

Get to know intelligent technology making use of the fourth state of aggregation – PLASMA!

  • it is a simple and safe device used for conducting a non-invasive eyelid lift which enables obtaining the effect immediately after the first treatment
  • the device applies microtubes plasma which operates only within the epidermis. Consequently it does not damage the skin and the patient does not have to exclude himself or herself from everyday activities
  • it allows you to get rid of the first signs of aging, rejuvenate the look and eyes
  • used in eyelid correction both in case of women and men

Hyaluronic acid